Ulexite, scientifically known as sodium calcium borate, is a naturally occurring mineral with unique optical properties. It is often referred to as “TV rock” or “boronatrocalcite” due to its characteristic ability to transmit light and images effectively, similar to optical fibers. Ulexite is primarily composed of hydrated sodium calcium borate, with the chemical formula NaCaB5O6(OH)6·5H2O.



Ulexite is a hydrous sodium calcium borate with formula of NaCaB5O6(OH)6.5H2O. In nature, ulexite is mostly fibrous. Ulexite is popularly called as TV rock as its natural fiber optic character transmits light along their lengths by internal reflection. The physical properties of ulexite is colorless or white triclinic crystal. Ulexiteis a complex mineral containing chains of sodium, water, and hydroxide octahedra. In nature, ulexite can be found in evaporite deposits.


Manufacturing Process

Calcination at 240°C for 60 minutes

The calcination process is at a lower temperature but a longer retention time. During this process, ulexite became friable while colemanite kept its original crystal structure and the ulexite is separated from colemanite by semi-autogenous grinding and screening.

Calcination at 450°C for 30 minutes

Ulexite can be derived from colemanite by calcination process. During the calcination, ulexite gains hardness while colemanite is decrepitated. The calcined mixture is then screened producing ulexite concentrate.


The Uses of Ulexite

Ulexite is an unique mixture of sodium-calcium borate mineral. It is widely used in treating the boron deficiency in a wide range of plant species. Applied either alone, or as a component of a multi-nutrient granular bulk blend, ulexite offers a number of interesting attributes relative to other, highly soluble forms of boron.


Hazards Identification

Overview: Ulexite is considered to be a non-hazardous material. and it has not been tested for detailed occupational and toxicological studies. Ulexite presents little or no hazard to humans and has low acute oral and dermal toxicities. Ulexite is a white odorless, granular substance that is not flammable, combustible, or explosive.

Hazard Warnings: May be harmful if swallowed. May cause mild respiratory irritation from inhaling high concentrations of dust. Avoid eye contact.

Precautionary Statements: Obtain special Instructions before use If exposed or concerned, get medical advice/attention Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood. Wear protective gloves, eye protection. Dispose of contents/container to comply with local, state and federal regulations.



Common NameUlexite
CAS No1319-33-1
FormulaNaCaB5O6(OH) 6· 5H2O
H.S Code84742010
SynonymSodium Calcium Borate


Boric Oxide (B2O3)37.00±1.00%
CaO19.00% max
SiO24.00% max
SO40.25% max
As40 ppm max
Fe2O30.04% max
Al2O30.25% max
MgO2.50% max
SrO1.00% max
Na2O3.50% min
Moisture1.00% max
Bulk Density1.00 ton/m3 max